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We‘ve partnered with top furniture brands to visualize their products in 3D.

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DesignerBoard3D successfully removes the difficult programming of 3D rendering, providing the opportunity to collaboratively design on the spot.

What's amazing about DB3D is I can simply and quickly import my selected COM onto my furniture selection. I can even do this in front of my client and—bingo—I can communicate their vision instantly. How cool is that?

I love how fast and easy DesignerBoard3D is to use and to show my clients exactly how their furniture pieces will look in their space.

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The Designer’s Dilemma

As a hard-working professional interior designer, the tools you use for your projects are key. It takes a lot to reach your level of efficiency and creativity, but none of it comes easily. To achieve your full potential, you need to be sure that your workflow is fully optimized.

Unfortunately, many designer software applications don’t fully meet your needs, which makes your work more difficult and time consuming. It’s a failure on the part of tech companies to meet the needs of your profession.

We want to ensure that designers are empowered to efficiently perform their best work, which is why we’ve applied our experience working with top brands like Lexington Home, Century, Norwalk and more towards creating a platform specifically for residential interior designers like yourself.

DesignerBoard3D is an innovative new platform that offers high-quality, photorealistic 3D renderings and fully customizable fabric overlays, giving your clients the freedom to choose the exact colors and patterns they want. This groundbreaking COM feature is unlike anything offered in the past.

There’s no reason you should keep wasting time on outdated and time-consuming software. Discover the difference that DesignerBoard3D can make in your workflow today with these simple steps:

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